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DCAF launches Arabic Version of its “Women’s Guide on the Security Sector Reform”

DCAF launches Arabic Version of its “Women’s Guide on the Security Sector Reform”

On January 26 DCAF published the Arabic version of its “Women’s Guide to Security Sector Reform.” The publication aims to encourage and empower women to develop and transform the security sector in their local community.


Even when they do not have formal knowledge of security issues, women have a critical understanding of the security needs of their community, and play an important role in implementing process of security sector reform.


This Women’s Guide offers basic information on the security sector and related tools for action. It draws on the extensive and varied experience of women in civil society across the wolrd, sharing samples of practical and sometimes innovative actions.


The Women’s Guide on reforming the security sector is divided into three sections:


● Section 1: Understanding Security; this section introduces key security concepts, expounds the meaning of SSR and sets forth the reasons underlying women’s vital participation in transforming the security sector.


● Section 2: Get Involved; this section introduces six concrete ways for women’s organizations to engage in, and influence the reform process, from exploring, and maintaining a steady participation, to raising awareness.


● Section 3: Tools for Action; this section provides a set of practical activities and tools enabling women’s organizations to  take action.