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A training workshop on the mechanisms to prevent corruption in security sector

A training workshop on the mechanisms to prevent corruption in security sector

Sousse, 23 and 24 January 2020: DCAF organized a training session in partnership with the National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC) and the Ministry of Interior (Central Unit for Governance), for the directors of the regional units for governance on “The mechanisms to prevent corruption risks”.


This first training session is part of a program with the two institutions on “governance and integrity in the security sector”.


This initial training focused on analyzing organic law n° 2017-10 on reporting corruption acts and protecting whistleblowers. It also focused on identifying shortcomings in the implementation of this law, particularly concerning the measures for protecting whistleblowers and the role of governance units in the implementation of this law.


The training also focused on the coordination procedures between the governance units and their supervising institutions (Ministry of Interior) and INLUCC.


The training gathered the regional governance units’ directors and representatives of the steering committee (INLUCC- Ministry of Interior)


This training session allowed participants to:


-   Enhance their knowledge of the legal framework governing corruption prevention,

-   Identify the challenges and shortcomings of the measures provided for by the law to support and protect whistleblowers.

-   Discuss the role of governance units in handling cases of denunciation and in ensuring follow-up.


DCAF’s contribution to this workshop is funded by DCAF's Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA). The funding comes from Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Further information on DCAF is available on the DCAF website (www.dcaf.ch) or on the DCAF Tunisia website.