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DCAF organizes a training course on "journalistic coverage of criminal issues" for journalists in the regions.

DCAF organizes a training course on

Tunis, November 24, 2018: DCAF organized during October and November 2018 a training course on "journalistic coverage of criminal issues" for the benefit of about 60 journalists.


Eight trainings were given to sixty journalists from the Tunis Afrique Presse Agency (TAP), as well as journalists from the Tunis, Sousse and Sfax regions.

The first four training courses conducted during the month of October by an expert from DCAF, a lawyer at the Court of Appeal relied on the new interactive platform created by DCAF. These trainings allowed the participants to reinforce their judicial knowledge by a better understanding of:

- Principles and rules governing the Tunisian penal system;

- the importance of the principle of the presumption of innocence and the guarantees of a fair trial;

- The different levels of jurisdiction, the terminology and the specificities of the criminal procedure in its different phases.

The journalists were confronted with these different concepts through real-life practice exercises inspired by real cases.

The second part of this cycle ensured during the month of November by two DCAF experts, renowned judicial chroniclers, helped to reinforce the editorial capacities of the journalists involved in covering and writing journalists dedicated to justice cases. Learners have to review:

- Ethical and ethical issues relating to media coverage of judicial matters.

- The conditions to be respected for a professional and precise cover of the judicial questions

- Techniques for collecting and analyzing judicial information obtained by journalists.


All these questions were complemented by practical exercises, but also by a written production of each of the participants.

This training cycle is part of DCAF's support to the Tunisian media in their handling of justice issues and security sector reform. These trainings are funded by its Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA). The donors are Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland. More information on DCAF is available on the DCAF website or on the DCAF website in Tunisia.