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Human resources in the security function: Tools and procedures

Human resources in the security function: Tools and procedures

Tunis, April 5, 2021: As part of their cooperation program, DCAF and the Ministry of the Interior (Central Unit of Governance) organized a workshop on the governance of human resources within the Forces Internal Security Department (ISF).

This workshop brought together representatives of the various departments under the Ministry of the Interior, including the common services department, the training department, the administrative and financial department and the organization and methods office, as well as representatives of the three ISF corps.

The workshop enabled participants to be made aware of the modernization of human resources management. it also allowed the executives of the Ministry to present the various experiences previously carried out in this area in order to discuss the approach to be followed around the management of human resources.

The discussions mainly focused on the forward management of jobs and skills (GPEC) and the job and skills framework (RMC).

A list of practical recommendations has been drawn up with a view to defining the next steps in the implementation of this future project on the development of a job and skills framework.

This project is funded through the DCAF Trust Fund for North Africa (TFNA). Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland finance the Fund. Further information on DCAF is available on the DCAF website or on the DCAF Tunisia website