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About DCAF

The DCAF - Geneva Center For Security Sector Governance is a Swiss-based international organisation dedicated to assisting states – both developed and emerging democracies – in advancing good security sector governance, within a democratic framework and in respect of the rule of law. DCAF provides in-country advisory support and practical assistance programs to states that seek to strengthen governance of their security sector. DCAF works directly with national and local governments, parliaments, civil society, international organisations and defence and security forces.


DCAF currently has 61 member states, including Tunisia since July 2011. In its activities, DCAF is guided by the principles of neutrality, impartiality, inclusive participation and local ownership.


For more information on DCAF, please visit the DCAF website: www.dcaf.ch.

DCAF Tunisia

DCAF Tunisia is the assistance program in security sector reform which DCAF manages in Tunisia together with local partners.

DCAF Tunis Staff 

Ahed Jemaaoui


Project Manager (Media and Security)


Wided Boujeh


Sarah Zaafarani

Project Officer (Security Sector Legislation)


Project Assistant "UE"


Stefan Buchmayer

Head of Office – DCAF Tunis


Nadia Ben Aissa

Consultant charged with "Marsad Tunisia" and "DCAF Tunisia Website"


Zeineb Mansour


Zied Nouir

Project Coordinator "Youth and Security"


Project Assistant "Youth and Security"


Hatem Khabthani

Driver and Logistics Assistant


Aliya Melki


Research Assistant (Security Sector Legislation)


Sabine Maater

Administration and Finance Assistant






Project officer of the "Reform of Police" Program"



Samir Marmouri


Program Manager "Justice Sector Reform"


Imen Ben Yedder

Project Manager: Gender and Security

About DCAF

14 Rue Ibn Zohr Cité Jardins
1082 Tunis
Tel: +216 71 286 755
Fax: +216 71 286 865
Email : tunis@dcaf.ch
DCAF Tunisia  
14, Rue Ibn Zohr Cité Jardins,1082 Tunis, Tunisia
Tel: +216 71 286 755   Fax: +216 71 286 865
Email : tunis@dcaf.ch